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Since 1999, ETSA has provided solutions in Conveyors, Mechanical and Electrical Systems, Industrial Maintenance and Automation Developments that have supported client production processes.

This services have been developed in the main automotive plants in Mexico.

For 2016, ETSA decided to expand to the US at the State of Arizona.

And it was until 2018, that ETSA started providing tangible solutions to the automotive industry as control devices for production lines, racks & dollies manufacturing, and other automotive needs to the main clients in Arizona & California that were manufactured in Mexico.


Business Line and Company Experience

Our staff has been focused on providing quality solutions to our clients with a focus on continuous improvement, applying the experience of our people in the industry for more than 40 years, which has allowed us to create a commitment to our clients.

ETSA is an electromechanical company with experience in manufacturing, installation, startup, debugging, decommissioning, maintenance, repair or improvement of different types of automotive needs. Such as:


3D Modeling, Autocad Path layout, health assessment, fabrication, installation & automation developments for:

Power & Free Overhead & Inverted, Unibuilt, Monorail, Flat Top, Slatted, Roller, Friction, Power Roll Bed & Chain on Edge conveyors

Conveyor Carriers & Accessories:

Manufacture, modifications, repairs & assembly for Overhead & Inverted Carriers, Skids, Racks, Dollies.

Structural Steel:

Structural layout, fabrication & installation of structures, platforms & mezzanines.

Electrical & Automation:

With experience in control and automation equipment, from its design, installation and commissioning.

Installation of VFD ́s, Control Panels, Plc’s, Power Supply, Lighting, Pipe, ducts. Trays laying.